Fire Alarm Replacement

Depending upon the age and condition of your buildingā€™s fire alarm system it may be the time to consider replacement

Resulting Issues

  • Increasing system trouble and service calls;

  • Fire panels are no longer supported for replacement parts by their manufacturer and replacement parts are difficult to find; often refurbished parts from older panels are used and are expensive;

  • Increasing system downtime for repairs;


  • Retrofit: Typically fire alarm control equipment has a life span between 20 to 25 years. Replacement of the existing fire alarm control equipment may be executed in 2 ways:

1)      Replace control equipment only under the maintenance requirements of the Fire Code

2)      Replace existing conventional fire alarm system with a new addressable or hybrid system depending upon available fund.

  • New Construction: The requirements of fire alarm systems in the Ontario Building Code (OBC), specially with regards to accessibility has changed significantly in the recent years. New fire alarm system designs are prepared for various occupancy types e.g. commercial, residential and industrial based on the current OBC and referenced CAN/ULC Standards, and also addressing the Client needs. 

 Benefits of FA Replacement

  • A reliable system;

  • New fire alarm and voice communication control equipment with the capability of future system upgrade;

  • Reduction in trouble conditions and associated service calls;

  • Reduction in overall maintenance cost;

  • A full addressable system installation has additional benefits of using the art-of-the-state technology e.g. advanced technology, capable of future expansion, easy maintenance, and reduction in nuisance alarms and overall maintenance cost etc.

 M & E Fire Alarm Replacement Services

  • Review of the existing fire alarm system and recommend replacement options based on existing system and Client need.

  • Fire alarm audibility review of the existing system;

  • Prepare design drawings for permit and tender of the selected replacement option;

  • Prepare tender documents, execute construction administration, site reviews and sign off on the project;