Building Automation Controls

Building Automation Controls (BAC) systems have been changing in the last 10 years as fast as computers. Before Direct Digital Controls (DDC) pneumatic controls (compressed air) were used predominantly for decades. With the onset of DDC, BAC systems have been changing and becoming more complicated and more exact. Considerable changes have been made in controls and their costs, in order to control more systems to the required environment using the least amount of energy. With today’s technology every temperature in the building from the space to the heating and cooling loops, to outside air intakes and exhaust can be monitored and controlled. No longer is outside air brought in at a constant rate during the day, CO2 can be monitored in the building and bring in just the needed amounts of outside air thus reducing energy costs and increasing comfort. There are many other systems that can be controlled like lighting, with motion and light harvesting sensors, security, CO monitoring, for garages, and just about anything else you can think of in a building.