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Since 1990, M & E has completed Energy Audits for many high rise conominiums and commercial buildings throughout Ontario. We have worked with Toronto Hydro (GEPP), Enbridge Gas and NRCAN on many projects. With these partners, we conducted Energy Audits to demonstrate ways of saving energy.

M & E’s Audits include analysis of the building’s Mechanical & Electrical systems, as they relate to hydro, gas and water usage. Energy bill analysis is completed to establish a base usage and history, while recommending energy reduction measures with paybacks. The audits include items such as lighting retrofits, water conservation, electric to gas heating, installation of variable frequency drives on pumps and fan motors, installation of efficient chillers and boilers, installation sensors to control indoor air quality and lighting and building automation systems. We believe that the knowledge gained by completing Energy Audits allows M & E to approach projects with an “open mind” to what a construction budget can manage and what energy conservation measure could be done with the savings justifying the expense.

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